Parent Coordination

Parent Coordination/Mediation

Parent Coordination is a child-focused alternative dispute resolution (ADR) process offered as another course of action to the traditional legal process of resolving marital (and post-divorce) conflict. The Parent Coordination process assists parents in reducing the high conflict and power struggles that negatively impact their ability to work together, as well as their ability to sustain meaningful parent-child relationships. It also protects the child from the impact of parental conflict. Parent coordination services are tailored to meet the needs of the specific family and are available through individual and joint sessions

General Questions and Answers

Mediation process is confidential and utilized for settlement purposes only. All members of the family, including the children, are interviewed. The voice of the children is extremely important in Evaluative Mediation. A written report of the process is not completed; rather a Parenting Plan is drawn up that identifies the agreements and decisions made by the parents.